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Be it an economical single vision smart camera system, or a sophisticated eight camera application, Microscan's Visionscape GigE Machine Vision System is fully equipped with all the necessary components incorporating a complete, successful machine vision implementation.

The Visionscape GigE Machine Vision System incorporates a high speed, high resolution image processing system, providing full capabilities of a powerful Visionscape software. The device's system implementation makes use of standard network components. It is designed to support up to eight Visionscape GigE cameras. GigE cameras are offered in multiple configurations, inclusive of VGA Mono or Color CCD, VGA Mono CCD High Speed, XGA Mono or Color CCD, SXGA Mono or Color CCD, UXGA Mono or Color CCD, QSXGA Mono or Color CCD, QSXGA Mono or Color CMOS, QUXGA Mono CCD, among others.

A PC-based Gigabit Ethernet system allows for standard network components such as cabling, switches and interface cards. Visionscape's GigE also supports a complete package of Microscan's machine vision GigE camera, which upon integration with various Visionscape software allow for rapid deployment of machine vision solution.


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