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MINI Hawk series Microscan Systems



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MINI Hawk Imager is integrated with X-Mode decoding technology. Depending on model size, the decode speed and read range varies. Has autofocus facility. Also integrated with optional USB connectivity. MINI HAWK 3 has a 3 megapixel resolution imager, MINI HAWK HR has a high resolution imager, MINI HAWK HS integrated with high speed imager and MINI HAWK ESD Safe with ESD safe design having nickel coating, ESD-safe labels and cabling facility. The MINI Hawk is a powerful miniature imager having a broad range of data tracking and traceability applicable to various industrial applications. There is an aggressive barcode reading algorithms and provides for quick setup for 1D, 2D, or direct part mark application. You can expect reliable decoding, thanks to the X-Mode technology capable of reading damaged and different symbols. MINI HAWK is noted for its easy setup, excellent power processing and different configurations.