Ultrasonic proximity sensor / cylindrical / with IO-Link interface
ø = 18 mm, IO-Link, Maximale Reichweite = 1.300 mm microsonic


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The pico+ ultrasonic sensors by Microsonic are designed with an IO-Link interface. The sensors are a compact series with M18 threaded sleeves, and a housing length of only 41 mm.

There is also a housing variant that has a 90° angled head and radial beam direction. They come with four detection distances ranging from 20 mm to 1.3 m, and three various output stages. This sensor series accomplishes a broad range of applications.

They feature the push-pull output stage support SIO and IO link modes. The sensors have an analogue output, and are optionally available with 4 - 20 mA current output, or 0 - 10 V voltage output.


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