friction brake / electromagnetic / permanent magnet / for motors



  • Type:


  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    permanent magnet, for motors

  • Torque:

    2 Nm (1.4751


Permanent magnet brakes, due to their relatively small construction size, are used particularly
in the MICROSTEP stepping motors of the design series SHS 39 / 200 – xxxx.
Permanent magnet brakes are electromagnetic-ventilating brakes for dry run with nonpositive,
torsional-backlash-free effect, whose flux pattern is generated by permanent
This is taken off (opened) in the electrified status through the opposite-pole magnetizing
coil and, in connection with the membrane spring on the armature part, a residual-torquefree
separation is assured independently of the installation location.
The permanent magnet brakes P1 are designed for rated operating voltage 24 V DC according
to insulation Class F (max. 155°C), and guarantee secure operation in temperature
ranges from 20° to 100°C. On request, versions in the insulation Class H (180°C) and other operating voltages are available.
The effect makes possible the connecting of shafts in voltage-free status or secure slowing-down of masses. In case of failure of
the operating voltage, the motor is held in its existing position.