graphic display / dot-matrix / 17-segment / giant
migra P4 microSYST Systemelectronic



  • Type:

    graphic, dot-matrix

  • Features:

    17-segment, giant

  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, IP65, RS-232, RS485, IP54



The graphics and text compatible large format LED display "migra" can be used universally for display of production data or as an information board. The "migra" is available with an 4 mm or 8 mm pixel pitch (the photo shows a migra P4).

The modular design allows cost-effective variants in different sizes, and with different resolutions and display colours (red, green or mixed colour yellowish). Characters and graphics can thus be displayed very clearly for your application.

A multitude of connection options provide every user with the optimal solution for quick and simple integration of the "migra" graphics and text compatible large format LED display into existing systems.

In addition to various fonts, the range of functions also includes variables display, text memory, bargraph function, moving text, scrolling, blinking, automatic brightness control and, as options, inputs for analog control, counter function and use with BCD controls.

Needless to say, links are also available for Profibus-DP, DVI, InterBus, CAN, ARCNET, Ethernet Asi and Modbus.

Projects, graphics or texts can be loaded to the display via the second interface (RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet). Comprehensive "micon" PC software is included at no extra charge.