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quadrotor UAV / aerial photography / inspection / observation
6sAGRAR Mikrokopter



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    aerial photography, inspection, observation

  • Other characteristics:

    carbon fiber


As a part of the continuous reforming of the agricultural work, terms such as Precision Farming and Farming 4.0 are getting more and more important. The analysis of cultivated fields are nowadays done with computerized systems by the farmer. The analysis of fields from the air with multispectral cameras is becoming increasingly important.

In this way it is i.e. possible to detect a plant infestation very early. For this the Near Infrared Range (NIR) measures the reflectivity of the green light spectrum. With a special software everybody can analyze the condition of their plants.

Anwendungsgebiete :
targeted actions against pests
efficient fertilizer deploy (economic, prevent over-fertilization)
Analyse the vitality of plants (multispectral cameras)
Optimization of fertilizer application
Shedding of parasitic wasps for pest
Visual inspection of areas (FPV camera)