Ammonia gas transmitter / electrochemical / with display
TA-2100 NH3 Mil-Ram Technology


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TA-2100 Ammonia NH3 Gas Detector
Mil-Ram's New RS 485/4-20mA 3 or 4-Wire smarter Transmitter for Ammonia NH3 Gas Detection. Sensor chemistry eliminates common interfering gases. Mil-Ram patented technology eliminates zero drift and corresponding false alarms. Now available suitable for use in SIL 2 environments.
Features: Ammonia Gas Detector
no false alarms Mil-Ram patented Ammonia NH3 gas sensor technology
Self-Calibration adjusts span monthly based on sensor life curve
Auto-Gas Calibration, non-intrusive, hands-free, magnetic switches
Not affected by temperature -40 deg C to +50 deg C, stable by design
LCD display - 12 characters x 2 lines. Provides user interface with magnetic switches - no dip switches


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