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Roboshot All Electric Injection Molding

Roboshot is the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in injection molding machines, with higher precision and reliable molding capabilities than ever before. Engineered for greater rigidity, Roboshot’s proven performance makes it the perfect solution for cleanrooms and other molding environments that demand precise process control, high speed injection and consistent repeatability.

Roboshot’s AI, mold and eject protection, and injection molding preventative maintenance features keep plastics processors running smoothly. Roboshot can alert the operator before problems occur, providing more effective maintenance, fewer repairs and less down-time for both the machine and the mold itself, and its user-friendly functionality means you can take advantage of these features with minimal training.

High Response (HR) Control enables you to select from eight different modes for the pressure transfer from injection to pack for optimum molding of the part. For thick wall parts, HR Control excels in the prevention of sink marks. For thin wall parts, it prevents warping and improves the uniformity of wall thickness.

With no oil supply, filtration or disposal, Roboshot is the energy-saving “green” machine that will help reduce operational costs. It is engineered to reduce energy consumption by 50 to 80% with repeatable and precise cycles that are 5 to 50% faster compared with hydraulic machines