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Rotary drilling rig / wheel mounted / for underground mining
2 800 mm | Face Master 2.8 CC Mine Master


  • Drilling unit:


  • Portability:

    wheel mounted

  • Application:

    for underground mining


- The Face Master 2.8CC is a twin boom face drilling mining rig with 70 m2 coverage and power shift four wheel drive transmission.
- Direct controlled drilling system with anti-jamming, collaring, simple frequency functions and feed control to optimise the drilling parameters.
- As a option the machine is equipped with computer control system DBPL - providing to operator: Manual boom control, Drifter control,Dril log, Drilling pattern planning and recording.
- B 40 L booms with 1500 mm (60 in) extension directly controlled by two-axial joysticks, which enables accurate and fast positioning between holes.
- F 7000 series aluminium feed with hollow stainless steel wear rails - simple design with low maintenance cost and long operation time.
- Minimum tramming height 2.8 m with adjustable operator's seat in environmental cabin.
- Articulated carrier with four-wheel drive - excellent grade ability and fast tramming. Dynamic and static brakes. Four jacks for stable set up.
- Basic rig includes FOPS - approved operators canopy.


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