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The IMPACT technology suite is designed to lead mining
communications and digital infrastructure into the future.
MSTs’ Proximity Detection System provides additional
engineering control to risks associated with mobile
equipment in underground and surface mines, as well
as industrial and construction sites. Highly reliable and
repeatable detection zones quickly raise alerts to both
vehicle driver and the pedestrian.
IMPACT Proximity Detection provides warning and alerts to both
personnel (with Tags) and to vehicle operators in their cabins, of
other vehicles and personnel in their vicinity, reducing the risk of
collisions and thus significantly improving safety and efficiency.
The personnel tag provides detection at 20m distance from a
vehicle. Single or multiple proximity low frequency (LF) transmitter
units can be installed on the vehicle (depending on vehicle size)
to provide complete coverage for larger vehicles.
The Proximity Detection system uses low frequency magnetics
to ensure a repeatable detection range is possible in a variety
of environments and around mine infrastructure. Up to fifteen
transmitters and fifty tags can operate within the same coverage area.
Additionally, an automated Personnel Tag Checking Station can
be provided to give access control into operational areas and
allow personnel to check their tags are operating correctly before
commencing their shift.
Unaffected by environmental low light, rain, dust or fog, IMPACT
Proximity Detection for personnel and vehicles provides a combined
system, offering a comprehensive proximity safety solution for both
personnel and vehicles in real-time.

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