oscillating mini booster / oil

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oscillating mini booster / oil oscillating mini booster / oil - HC3-C


  • Technology:


  • Media:


  • Pressure:

    Max.: 207 bar (3,002 psi)

    Min.: 20 bar (290 psi)



The HC3–C, a variant of the HC3, is used for applications with larger flow rates, providing a fast response with build-in by-pass up to 50 l/min. It is a compact unit weighing only 4.0 kg, designed for use in NG6 (D03) stacking manifold systems. Maximum outlet pressure is 500 bar in standard versions. An adjustment of the outlet pressure is carried out by varying the supplied pressure.


When pump pressure is reached on the A port, check valve (b) will close and the oil will flow via the Orifice (a) to the oscillating pump unit OP. The end pressure will be achieved by the oscillating pump OP. The unit will automatically stall when end pressure on high-pressure side is reached. If a pressure drop on high-pressure side exists due to consumption or leakage, the OP valve will automatically operate to maintain the end pressure.