Vertical bagging machine / VFFS / for the food industry / compact


  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    for the food industry

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, semi-automatic

  • Throughput:

    Min.: 0 p/min

    Max.: 1000 p/h


X-Bag is an innovative semiautomatic vertical packaging machine which combines different existing technologies with unique innovations.
X-Bag is an easy to use, economical and functional form-fill-seal machine which creates 3 hermetic sealing bags starting from a plain foil roll.
Compared to the other vertical machines, X-Bag has an innovative system of forming box which allows to get a fast format change. This systems reduces the machine shot-down and we gain in productivity. Moreover the two clamps of the horizontal sealing allow to keep the forming bag in position reducing the any break possibility. The key factor of the X-Bag is the versatility of the machine which can seal any kind of film. This thanks to the incomparable sealing system: the ultimate patent by Minipack Torre.


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