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LANAN6-P3.0-B2-L5 Misumi Europa GmbH

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locating pin locating pin - LANAN6-P3.0-B2-L5


Locating pins can be freely configured
Individually configuring locating pins is very straightforward: First of all, the user selects a basic shape: In addition to the standard version, MISUMI also provides locating pins with either internal or external thread as well as adjusting screws with circular groove, notch or flat design. Seven basic conical and spherical shapes are available for the shape of the guidance component. The shape of the pin body can either be round or have a rhombic cross-section, a large or small head or locating pins with or without a stepped end. The client can then choose the material, the surface treatment, hardness and a type number. Then a decision has to be made on the parameters to be configured.

MISUMI offers three basic versions, whose head diameter can be configured to between 1 to 30mm in 0.01mm increments:

Choose from a product portfolio with pre-set head diameters, standard lengths and pin diameters
Free choice of head diameter with predetermined head and pin lengths and pin diameters
Head diameter/length and pin length can be freely configured