fine bubble diffuser / static / for wastewater treatment
EMR series MITA Water Technologies S.r.l.



  • Type:

    fine bubble, static

  • Applications:

    for wastewater treatment


Aeration systems with fine bubbles membrane.

The supply of oxygen in activated sludge plants constitutes the bulk of the power supply requirements for depuration.
The increasing requirements in terms of quality of purified water and the low operational costs require modern and efficient aeration equipment, easily adaptable to process flexibility requirements.

The membrane aerators, unlike those in ceramics, are also used in intermittent operational conditions since the perforations of the membrane only open during air intake. This will prevent the infiltration of sewage sludge and mud in the system.
The membrane aerators are used in biological oxidation processes of carbon, in the nitrification process and in phosphorus removal treatments

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