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Electric reach truck / stand-on / narrow-aisle / handling
ESR, EDR series Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks


  • Motor type:


  • Operator:


  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Carrying capacity:

    3500 lb (1587.57 kg), 4000 lb (1814.37 kg), 4500 lb (2041.17 kg), 3000 lb (1360.78 kg)

  • Lifting height:

    302 in, 366 in, 450 in


The N-Generation reach trucks are the ultimate answer to expanding your warehouse space. These trucks have a 100% AC and can easily function in aisles that are well below 10 feet in width thereby widening your overall storage space implementation as a result. The N-Generation reach trucks also ensure a much grander capacity retention than counterbalanced lift trucks allowing for loads to be staged at greater racking levels. In effect, the comprehensive cube utilization has been enhanced and the cost per pallet has been diminished which essentially lowers all operational expenses integrated in warehousing as well as material handling operations.


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