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Solid-state Nd:YAG laser for micro-welding
1 064 nm, 0.25 W | LW5AM Miyachi

LW5A Laser Welder Features:
- 30 Micron Spot Diameter with Fiber Delivery
- Real-time Power Feedback
- Precise Laser Welder Energy Control
- Pulse Durations from 0.04ms
- Peak Power from 0.04 - 0.5 kW
- Exceptional Pulse-to-Pulse Power Stability
- Air cooled, Single phase

The LW5AM Micro laser welder is designed to meet the stringent demands of FDA Process certification and reliable long term performance for laser welding medical devices, implants, surgical tools and other small, delicate components. The laser welder features real time power feedback, 20-segment pulse shaping, IAD coated variable beam splitters. Laser welding accessories include "clear view" on-axis CCTV viewing with optical magnification up to x1000.


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