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synthetic oil / 10W30 / high-temperature / high-performance
Mobil Delvac™ Elite Mobil Delvac (Mfg.)



  • Type:


  • Viscosity grade:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-temperature, high-performance, low-temperature

  • Viscosity:

    Min.: 0.000012 m²/s

    Max.: 0.000081 m²/s


Synthetic blend providing excellent protection

Mobil Delvac™ Elite 10W-30 and 15W-40 are synthetic blend heavy-duty diesel engine oils with long drain capability that meet the API CJ-4 specification.They provide excellent protection in severe on- and off-highway operations of modern, high performance diesel engines with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Aftertreatment Systems with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs). Mobil Delvac Elite diesel engine oil is recommended by various engine builders for use in many high-performance diesel engines.

Mobil Delvac Elite diesel engine oil is specially designed to exhibit:

Outstanding low-temperature fluidity
High-temperature viscosity retention
Piston deposit control

Mobil Delvac Elite diesel engine oil is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in:

Modern, high-performance diesel engines with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), after treatment systems with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs)
Naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel-powered engines
On-highway light- and heavy-duty trucking, including mixed fleets
Off-highway industries, including mining, construction, quarrying and agriculture