water analyzer / moisture / permeability / transmittance
AQUATRAN® Model 3 Mocon Inc.



  • Measured entity:


  • Measured value:

    moisture, permeability, transmittance

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, continuous, monitoring, high-performance, with touchscreen


Our analyzers give you accurate permeation data of your films to make informed decisions critical to product development and product quality. Ultra-high barrier materials may have long test times, but these tests don’t have to stress your labor resources.

The AQUATRAN Model 3 water vapor permeation instrument was designed for testing the WVTR of ultra-high barrier films. The updated automation and easy set-up help increase your lab’s efficiency, streamline your operations, and improve throughput.


A new user interface and increased automation make testing easier than before with less skill required, reducing the costs associated with training new employees or transitioning responsibilities within your company.

Your operators can now pre-program a variety of tests and different conditions and run them sequentially without operator intervention, resulting in less instrument inactivity.

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