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SAT Box 5600 | SAT Box 7200 MODEC

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air treatment unit air treatment unit - SAT Box 5600 | SAT Box 7200


Bring safety to your people and material with the Safety Air Treatment Box!
Placed upstream from your pneumatic actuators (motors, pistons or any portable pneumatic tools) the SAT Box provides numerous important safety features:
- Emergency kill switch
- Key safety lock
- Downstream automatic air bleed
- Automatic switch off when air pressure drop detected
Those Safety devices ensure an instantaneous air bleed in the downstream circuit when the emergency kill switch is hit and/or when air supply stops. As a consequence, no residual energy may create an accidental motion after the stop. All these safety features are energized by air pressure, without any other source of energy required.
The SAT Box also includes a high capacity FRL unit for a precise air treatment and pressure regulation.
It can be equipped as an option with a foot remote control system (pedal) in order to keep both hands free, or with a hand remote control system (handle) to keep mobility during use.

Carefully assembled by our experienced workers in our factory based in Valence (South East of France), using parts designed by our engineers and manufactured by thoroughly selected French and European suppliers, our products deliver the highest quality standards with minimal maintenance and maximum service life.

Our technical team is at your disposal for any definition, design and realization of pneumatic solutions that will answer your specific needs and requirements.

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