Alarm sounder with xenon beacon / explosion-proof
115 dB, IP66/67 | SB150-1 series MOFLASH SIGNALLING

The SB150-1 electronic combined sounder beacon range has been approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and very harsh environmental conditions.

Typical applications are Oil and Gas, On-shore and Offshore, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries & Marine locations etc.

The unit incorporates a four stage alarm option with sixty three tones to choose from which includes four tones that can be recorded or customised by the installer.

All tones can be pre-set during installation. In addition, the unit also incorporates a visual warning signal with a choice of two types of light source: either xenon (strobe) with multiple flash rates and power ratings or an LED array with three status type indication options.

The units also have the ability to be fitted with a telephone initiation function and can be used as the second ring output indicator for telephones when installed in very noisy environments.

The design allows for termination inside the enclosure. The unit can be bracket mounted only.



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