analysis software / simulation / viewer / design
Studio Moldex3D, CoreTech System Co., Ltd.



  • Function:

    analysis, simulation, viewer, design, calculation


Moldex3D Studio is a comprehensive analysis platform. The intuitive interface is made with ribbon-style, and user can complete simulation workflow on the same interface. Clear icon design and integrated pre- & post- analysis displacement. It can quickly accomplish model preparation and re-meshing, and also for solver calculation and result display. In the Mesh tab, user can instantly switch the mesh mode between eDesign or BLM based on the module and license used. BLM mesh type enables to build model with fully Tetra mesh or with Boundary layer mesh. Users can generate solid mesh for part and mold design more efficiently. And it can run with the same interface by F/P/C/W analysis calculation sequence after the pre-analysis setting. For User-friendly design, there are three Tree layers for easier model operations: