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Connectivity (Brad® Industrial Automation Products)

Power (Brad® Products)

Communication and Control

Optical Connectivity Solutions

Power and Signal (Cable Assemblies)

I/O (Cable Assemblies)

Backplane Structured Harness

Polymicro Technologies™ Products and Solutions

Microminiature (Board-to-Board Connectors)

Power (Board-to-Board)

Signal (Board-to-Board Connectors)

I/O (Board-to-Board Connectors)

Microminiature (Wire-to-Board Connectors)

Power (Wire-to-Board Connectors)

Signal (Wire-to-Board Connectors)

I/O (Wire-to-Board Connectors)

Signal (Wire-to-Wire Connectors)

Power (Wire-to-Wire Connectors)

Sealed (Wire-to-Wire Connectors)

Interconnects (Backplane Products)

CPU Sockets

High Speed (Signal) (Edge Card Connectors)

One-Piece Connectors (FFC - FPC Connectors)

Cables / EMI Suppression Sheets (FFC - FPC Connectors)

Consumer / PC Products (I/O Connectors)

Networking / Telecommunications Products (I/O Connectors)

Industrial Products (I/O Connectors)

SD, SIM and Combo Memory Card Sockets

Memory Module Sockets

Micro Connectors

Current up to 5.0A (Power Connectors)

Current up to 15.0A (Power Connectors)

Current up to 25.0A (Power Connectors)

Current 26.0A and above (Power Connectors)

Specialty Power Connectors (Power Connectors)

EXTreme Power™ Products

RF/Microwave Products

Sealed Connectors

Cables / EMI Suppression Sheets (Backplane Products)

Fiber Optic Solutions (Backplane Products)

Terminals (Solderless Terminals)

Splices (Solderless Terminals)

Quick Disconnects (Solderless Terminals)

Heat Shrink Tubing

Barrier Terminal Strip Families

PCB Terminal Block Families

Power Distribution (GFCI) - Woodhead®

Grips - Woodhead®

Mobile Electrification - Aero-Motive®

Portable Lighting - Woodhead®

Reels - Woodhead®

Test/Control - Woodhead®

Tool Support - Aero-Motive®

Wiring Devices - Woodhead®

Chip-On-Board (COB) LED Holders

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Optical Backplane Connectors

Optical Connectors and Adapters

Optical Ruggedized Solutions

Copper Flex Circuit Products

Membrane and Capacitive Switch Products