video corpo

electrical power supply connector / board / DIN / board-to-wire
IllumiMate™ Molex



  • Type:

    electrical power supply, board

  • Format:

    DIN, board-to-wire

  • Shape:

    straight, right-angle, low-profile

  • Connection type:


  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Current:

    1, 1.5

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 60 V

    Max.: 300 V

  • Pitch:

    1, 1.25


IllumiMate™ Connector System provides straight and right angle headers with positive and friction locks for multiple circuit sizes. The design conserves space while protecting wires from tangling and latches from breaking. Guiding features and shrouded headers protect pins from damage. Positive locking mechanism provides secure latching.

The IllumiMate system is able to provide for narrow width to low power connections and at the lowest right angle profile when compared to similar competing types. This design allows TV manufacturers to achieve an ultra thin panel design. Additional features include dual beam terminal design, front solder tabs and polarizing rib.