video corpo

fiber optic connector / data / ARINC / rectangular
LumaCore™ Molex



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  • Format:

    fiber optic, ARINC

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  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Other characteristics:

    for harsh environments

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Optical ARINC connectors are simple, compact, cost-effective and robust units that deliver high-quality performance even in the most rigorous conditions, and are thus suitable for use in airframe applications. ARINC connectors are developed by Molex and each insert has different termini densities ranging from 32 to 72 fibers.

Precision alignment pins and removable sleeve assemblies of ARINC serve to simplify inspection and cleaning which makes them deliver high-density and stable optical performance in unfavorable conditions. The inserts employed for ARINC have a design that is mountable in the ARINC frame cavity, which can further be selected as per custom needs. ARINC also features insert mounting hardware.