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silica optical fiber / multimode / glass
Polymicro Molex



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    silica, glass


Polymicro Technologies™ optical fibers are available in a variety of standard and specialty options; tight-tolerance, standard multimode step-index fibers are one example. Custom fibers, sizes, jackets and coatings are available, including dual-cladding with numerical apertures ranging from 0.11 to 0.66. Polymicro broad-spectrum fibers are designed for use in ultraviolet, visible, near- and mid-infrared ranges.
Unique fiber shapes and sizes are easily accommodated at our in-house glass facility. Molex will partner with preform manufacturers to provide polyimide-coated, single-mode or graded-index fibers. Customers may also provide their own preforms and Molex will draw and buffer the fiber using in-house or customer-supplied coatings. Fiber coatings may be UV-cured, thermally cured or extruded.

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