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grounding reel / self-retracting / fixed / fully-enclosed
Aero-Motive® Molex



  • Type:


  • Drive mechanism:


  • Configuration:

    fixed, fully-enclosed

  • Other characteristics:


  • Hose/cable length:

    7.62 m, 15.24 m (25'00")


Available in single or double connection point, Aero-Motive® Static Discharge Reels are equipped with a rigid mount that provides four mounting holes for secure placement ensuring a grounding path when mounted to a grounded surface. Tension is built progressively by extending the cable out of the unit and allowing full retraction to original start position. The ratchet lock mechanism provides a safe clamping process and allows the cable/ground clamp position control.

Standard Industrial Duty Static Discharge Reels are designed with sheet metal housings for added durability and impact resistance. A manual “ON/OFF” knob controls the ratchet lock mechanism, however when the “OFF” position is engaged the reel is under constant tension. The cable needs to be handled with extreme caution as fly back could occur if the operator lets go of the cable before proper mounting.

The 2050Y series is equipped with a “Y” bridle cable design that allows grounding at two simultaneous points making it and excellent choice for aircraft manufacturing facilities. Whereas, the 2050NC provides a nylon coating to prolong cable life and protect against surface damage.