video corpo

board connector / wire-to-board / rectangular / rugged
MX150L™ Molex



  • Type:


  • Format:


  • Shape:


  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, waterproof, for harsh environments

  • Field:

    for industrial applications, for automotive applications, marine

  • Current:

    Max.: 40 A

    Min.: 18 A

  • Voltage:

    600 V

  • Pitch:

    5.84 mm


You are looking at one of the most advanced industrial sealed connector systems, designed to satisfy various requirements of the industry, including those that require a connector that is environmentally sealed and rugged. This system is also compatible with both power and signal applications, being comprised of wire-to-panel, wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations.

The manufacturer has also tested and configured this product with various applications in the automotive industry. In fact, this is an item compatible with the latest standards imposed by Volvo, Toyota and other big names in the industry.