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CPU socket
LGA 2011-0 Molex

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CPU socket CPU socket - LGA 2011-0


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Introducing the Molex CPU Sockets. A true wonder of modern technology. It is designed to cater to a wide number of applications. It features low profile and proven Ball Grid Array (BGA) soldering technology, Pitch: 1.016mm (.040") x 1.016mm (.040"), LGA 1155/1156 Desktop PC CPU Socket, Pitch: .914mm (.036") x .914mm(.036"), Pitch: 1.00mm (0.039") x 1.00mm (0.039"). It was designed for Intel's* Nehalem micro-architecture, Processor Socket with Pick-and-Place Cap complete with Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) Assembly , Superior electrical contact with higher signal and power integrity. It is a definite must have for any information technology based companies or facilities.

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