video corpo

SFP cable harness / fiber optic / Ethernet / rugged
SFP series Molex



  • Cable type:

    fiber optic, SFP, Ethernet

  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, high-performance


The SFP+ interconnects are made to work at 8 Gbps for a fiber channel and 10 Gbps for an Ethernet link. This works with the same space standards as SFP interconnects. Meanwhile, the SFP format works with interconnects that use 1.125 Gbps fiber channels and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet links. This is made with LEDs on its body and uses an adapter that links data for all sorts of connections as required.

This may be used with other Molex accessories like loopback adapters, lightpipe covers and even optical setups. This works on many assemblies and can increase the total space to use on a PCB while providing a good interface. This also uses a feed-through design and can incorporate internally-mounted SFP cages.