video corpo

panel-mount keyboard / without pointing device / membrane / industrial



  • Mounting:


  • Pointing device:

    without pointing device

  • Other characteristics:


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Customers looking for standard membrane switches can buy the thin, low-profile, micro-motion switches by Molex. The polyester substrate layers are coated with one or more layers of silver or carbon conductors which are bonded with pressure-sensitive adhesives. They come in two options, switches providing tactile feedback when they are activated and membrane switches with non-tactile feedback, for example like the ones used with microwave ovens, poly-domes and silicone rubber keypads with carbon or gold contacts and treadmills.
Assemblies as thin as 1.00mm have electronic components like LEDs, seven-segment LEDs, photo diodes resistors and capacitors integrated into their conductive adhesive technology. Other advantages of the advanced manufacturing process are the availability of printed double-sided silver circuits (equal to four layer PCBs) and elimination of printed crossovers for environmentally exposed devices.The switches are customized to fit different applications, however small or demanding they may be.