video corpo

audio/video connector / SMT / parallel / plug-in



  • Type:


  • Format:


  • Shape:


  • Connection type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Current:

    0.5 A

  • Voltage:

    40 V

  • Pitch:

    1 mm, 0.05 mm

  • Data rate:

    Min.: 2.7 GB/s

    Max.: 5 GB/s


DisplayPort is made for external and internal structure alternatives with regard to substantial data transfer rate video and audio data within the laptop as well as Personal computer industry. The factors, established by Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), include conditions regarding higher definition electronic digital audio-video as well as images loading through the software via a similar wire. This minimizes expense and supplies simplicity of use over the plug-and-play function which makes it user- friendly towards client. Additionally, it offers efficiency scalability designed for potential advancements of top quality features, substantial colour depths as well as higher renew levels display. Molex, with respect to specifications layed out by VESA, has evolved the particular exterior DisplayPort* Interconnect System alternative. This includes a 20-circuit, 0.50mm pitch SMT, external receptacles made with a new polarized D-shape mating software as well as steel guard intended for complete EMI/RFI safety. Additionally, the particular fittings are made having 4 solder pins for additional mechanised stableness and also sturdiness, together with a snap-in plastic material peg...