Automatic truck loading / unloading system
max. 2 500 p/h Möllers

Truck loading with the Möllers-Autoloader is today's most highly automated form of loading of sacks onto vehicles. The Möllers-Autoloader, moveable and positioned over the truck loading-lane forms, on a trolley-table, vehicle-wide layers of bags which are transferred by a stacking conveyor and forwarded to the loading head located over the vehicle loading surface. The loading head deposits the layers of bags on the vehicle and each time is lifted by one layer. After reaching the desired number of layers the Autoloader reverses by one stack length and positions the next stack.

Main advantages:

Fully-automatic loading procedure
Automatic transfer of motor wagon to trailer
Stable stacks
Loading adapted to unloading method (with/without pallets)
Optional stationary palletizing
Loading capacity up to 2500 bags/hr


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