Automatic truck loading / unloading system

Moveable truck-loading machines type HAT for loading of vehicles with fixed body and of containers can drive their long booms via the rear deep into the vehicle. The swivelling and inclineable telescopic loading belt at the boom end conveys the bags over the width of the vehicle to the depositing points.

Off-the-floor truck-loading machine To load trucks in covered vehicle zones, moveable off-the-floor bag loading machines are installed on the building's roof located over the thoroughfare. On machines of type LH the lowerable loading belt is moved down through a slit in the ceiling onto the open vehicle. Covered vehicles are loaded with the machine type LHP onto which a linked conveyor is lowered through the ceiling slit, the conveyor loading the horizontally moveable loading belt in a height-adjustable belt-seat.

Stationary truck-loading machines are used for side and rear loading of trucks. The machine type LV consists of a rigid inclineable and swivellable loading belt located in a running frame. The type LT, with a swivellable, motorised inclining and telescopic loading belt is intended for side loading. The type DT is a loading machine equipped with a double-telescopic belt. Loading machines of the type LT can also be used as stationary palletizing support.


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