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Truck loading-unloading system / automatic
max. 2 500 p/h Möllers


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Möllers-Autoloader truck loading features automation of the highest degree for sack-loading on vehicles and provides a loading capacity of up to 2500 bags/hr.

The moveable Autoloader is placed over the loading lane of trucks. It forms layers of bags, equalling vehicle width, on a trolley table. A stacking conveyor transfers and forwards these layers to the loading head which is positioned above the vehicle loading surface. The layers are deposited on the vehicle by the loading head and every time get lifted by one layer. Once the targeted number of layers is reached, the Autoloader is reversed by one stack length and the next stack is positioned.

Autoloader has several key advantages such as entirely-automatic loading process. The motor wagon is automatically transferred to the trailer and the stacks are kept stable. The loading method adapts itself to the method of unload whether with/without pallets. Optional stationary palletizing feature is available.


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