voltage data-logger / current / USB / with LCD display



  • Measured quantity:

    voltage, current

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, compact, battery-powered, stand-alone, high-accuracy, dual-channel

  • Memory capacity:

    64,000 unit


The Track-It™ is an AC event data logger engineered by Monarch Instrument. It is suitable for use in monitoring the cycle patters of pumps, blowers, and other electrical equipment, with a voltage rate of 120V AC or 240V AC.

The data logger features a stand-alone operation, powered by a battery. It is constructed in a compact design, and has an easy configuration using the Track-It™ Software. The software can automatically identify the logger by means of plugging the logger into an open USB port on PC. The unit can record with a maximum 64,000 on/off cycles. It allows the sample storage rate to be set from 1 sample per 2 seconds, to 1 sample per day. In addition, the rate can also be set to store a sample at each event.