temperature and humidity data-logger / RFID / with touch screen / storage



  • Measured quantity:

    temperature and humidity

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    with touch screen

  • Applications:

    storage, for pharmaceutical products, for refrigerators

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, compact, battery-powered, rugged, IP65

  • Memory capacity:

    8,000 unit


The Track-It™ model is manufactured by Monarch Instrument, which is a temperature and humidity data logger that has the capacity to record from 22.5 hours up to 337.5 days, and provide data in terms of temperature or temperature and humidity. The unit is a standalone equipment and utilizes a battery as its power source. The model also uses the wireless RFID technology, which makes it suitable for use in regulating operations in supply chains.

The Track-It™ model has a compact design, and is housed in an enclosure with a protection rating of IP 65. It is equipped with an RFID antennae which enables the device to be configured and the data to be relayed wirelessly. The unit can can be affixed to the inner portion of a shipping carton and scanned without opening the carton.