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Storage warehouse shelving / for heavy loads / archival / mobile
HD Montel


  • Type:

    storage warehouse

  • Capacity:

    for heavy loads

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:




Is your company thriving and are you finding it necessary to increase your storage capacity? Do you plan to build, rent or buy a more spacious warehouse? Are you wondering how you can maximize your existing space to solve your storage problems?

Montel is renowned for its high density storage systems and can provide you with shelving designed specifically for your type of industry. Due to the various possibilities for organization and reorganization of your items, the HD storage system can increase your available storage space up to 50 %. In order to eliminate conventional fixed aisle space in a warehouse, the HD storage system is designed to mount industrial racking onto movable carriages.

The HD system proposes a solution that costs much less than the construction, rental or purchase of a new warehouse and of course, a much quicker return on your investment (about 2 years) than a mortgage loan. With its shelves and carriages specially designed for all types of storage needs, the HD is made to last.


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