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DC motor / synchronous / miniature / high-torque
C13 series MOOG



  • AC/DC:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    miniature, high-torque, precision

  • Torque:


  • Power:

    Max.: 22.2 W (0.03 hp)

    Min.: 9.6 W (0.01 hp)

  • Rotational speed:

    Max.: 3000 rpm (18849.56 rad.min-1)

    Min.: 1643 rpm (10323.27 rad.min-1)


The C13 series high energy rare earth servomotors provide fast response and high starting torque, but are priced significantly less than comparable rare earth motors. They offer high coercivity and high flux density for greater mechanical output.

Lightweight, yet highly reliable, these motors will not demagnetize under severe conditions.

A series of high precision gearmotors is obtained by matching high precision planetary gearheads with C13 rare earth motors. We offer a wide range of output torque and speed options with standard and custom gear ratios.

Custom-modified shaft designs, mounting configurations, speed variations, and various DC input voltages are available.

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