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brushless resolver / digital brushless resolver / digital - DRBB-11-AA-01AA


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    brushless, digital


size 11 digital resolver is a compact, low-cost angular position transducer with DC input and digital output. No external circuitry is required – simply energize with ±5 VDC and obtain 12-bit serial data for direct computer interface, or the A Quad B and North Marker outputs of an incremental encoder.

Brushless resolvers are superior to encoders in terms of ruggedness, size, accuracy and resolution. Resolvers perform efficiently under temperature extremes, humidity, shock and vibration.

Model DRBB-11-AA-01AA requires two power supplies and two inputs and provides four outputs, all of which are TTL compatible. RS-422 differential line drivers / receivers and operation from a single 5 volt supply are available options.