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radial piston pump / electric / high-efficiency / high-performance
RKP series MOOG



  • Operation:


  • Type:

    radial piston

  • Other characteristics:

    high-efficiency, high-performance, rugged, low-noise, standard, for industrial applications

  • Pressure:

    280 bar, 350 bar, 420 bar (4,061.057 psi)


Dubbed as the RKP, the Moog radial piston pump has assisted the industrial marketplace for over 30 years and is renown for its reliable and powerful design. Since 2001, when Moog gained the PKB portfolio from Bosch, is has optimized and enhanced the original design to cater to the specifications of significant applications and latest industrial requirements. The newest Moog design provides superior durability and a low noise performance not only when compared to its predecessor, but also when compared to other class leading designs in the market.

A notable altercation to the design is an optimized pump casing mated with nine rather than seven pistons, which minimizes flow pulsation and noise emission. Another evident change is the revamped sliding stroke ring. This variant has been has been successful even since its inception in the market in 2006 and has proven its top notch characteristics such as durability and low noise.