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hydraulic pump with digital control / radial piston / electro-hydraulic / high-performance
RKP series MOOG



  • Type:

    radial piston

  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, with digital control, for industrial applications


This is the Radial - piston pump equipped with digital control and can be considered as RKP's hydraulic version with interface of fieldbus. It is an advanced and flexible solutions for those applications that need much reliability and dynamics like metal forming, injection molding etc. It has got the same design of RKP pump in terms of contamination resistance and robustness. It is also equipped with advanced pilot valve of servo proportional type which is meant for pressure and flow diagnostics, tuning and regulation. This is the system that is controlled by a microprocessor which is flexible and delivers higher performance so that it can be used with different kinds of systems that are flow and pressure controlled. The digital - onboard electronics makes this device highly precise and dynamic.