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Wind turbine blade-pitch angle controller


The current development of wind turbine emphasizes on higher power and lower cost per MW designs. Larger swept areas and rotor diameters delivers higher outputs but poses design challenges with it. As loads increase with the cube of the rotor diameter, the greater loads produces an impact on reliability and performance. Moog has steeped in with leading blade and control system designers for development of modular blade sensing system. We come up with proven fiber-optic load measurement system to ensure rapid and reliable development of individual pitch control for your turbine, minimizing your investment and time to market.

Apart from the increasing loads, larger rotor diameter increases the turbines susceptibility to fluctuating wind speed and intensity across the swept area that results in increased asymmetric loading on the turbine blades, main-shaft and other key structural components. The challenge is overcome by designing the turbine with a Blade Sensing System which results in dramatic adjustment of the pitch of each blade in real time.


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