video recorder / digital / portable / rack-mount
TroublePix 2000 MORPIX



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    digital, portable, rack-mount


NorPix provides 2 high speed recording stations both based on either our StreamPix or TroublePix digital video recording software packages.

StreamPix CoaXPress 6.0 supports the new CoaXPress standard. This station provides the ability to record from the new CoaXPress cameras at speeds and resolutions up to 6.0 GHz per second for long periods of time.
The more standard and proven StreamPix Station 625/1250 which has been around for over 10 years.
Both of these computer systems are assembled in our labs with carefully selected components that will guarantee ultimate performance for video recording with no frame drop guarantee.

Station CXP-3.5GHz or Station 625/1250 are both available as desktop or compact desk systems, rackmount or portable lunch box types.