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MulticastViewer MORPIX



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    video camera

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MulticastViewer is an application designed to provide real-time live view from multiple digital video sources. It supports all video sources (cameras, frame grabbers) supported by the Hermes API.

If the video source supports multicasting, multiple instances of the viewer can run simultaneously on different network computers, allowing multiple screens to display the same images from a single source.

MulticastViewer was designed to be as easy to use as possible. Most features are controlled using keyboard shortcuts or basic menu commands.

While the main purpose of MulticastViewer is to display images from multicast GIGE camera sources, it can also be used to display any kind of digital video supported by the Hermes API.

Image rendering and display in MulticastViewer make extensive use of Microsoft DirectX 3D libraries. This means that DirectX run-time libraries must be installed on your computer. The current implementation requires a DirectX 9.x compatible graphic adapter or higher.