rotary drum mixer / batch / horizontal
456-1-50-CE, 456-3-50-CE Morse Mfg. Co., Inc.



  • Technology:

    rotary drum

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Other characteristics:



Morse CE-Marked Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers include the controls, and the safety enclosure with interlock. Use them to mix contents right inside a sealed drum.

Load an upright drum at floor level, then close the enclosure to activate the controls. Use one control to tilt the drum over to horizontal rolling position, and a second control to start and stop rotation.

Roll a 200 liter (55-gallon) drum from 4 to 16 RPM.
Roll a steel drum up to 102 cm (40") tall, and 15.25 to 66 cm (6" to 26") in diameter.
Add Option # POLY-456 to roll a plastic drum.