rotary drum mixer / batch / for liquids / vertical
max. 455 kg (1000 lb) Morse Mfg. Co., Inc.



  • Technology:

    rotary drum

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Application:

    for liquids

  • Other characteristics:



These are Drum rotators with hydra-lift also referred as Drum Turners or as drum rollers. The contents in a closed drum can be blended and mixed by lifting and rolling the closed drums with the Drum rotators from Morse.
The drums can be easily and quickly placed on the drum turner, for rotation, after being lifted from floor level with the hydraulic system that is built in.
Mixing inside closed shipping drums offer many benefits which include the remixing of settled ingredients, the need for closed vessels and clean up & transfer are eliminated, separate drums can be used for each batch, there is no container needed to be purged between batches and noting has to be placed inside the drums for mixing.
Steel drums are accepted into the Drum rollers in the upright position. The drum that is placed down on the drum rotator wheels is lifted upright and its tilt can be controlled. The desired mixing of contents can be achieved by rolling the drum at 20 to 5 RPM.