rotary drum mixer / batch / for liquids
5 gal, max. 45.5 kg, max. ø 31 cm | PailPRO™ Morse Mfg. Co., Inc.


  • Technology:

    rotary drum

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Application:

    for liquids


5-Gallon Can Tumblers - Pail and Can Mixers

Morse Pailpro 5-gallon bucket handlerscan Tumblers give forceful corner-over-corner blending activity.Blend items inside your fixed jars or buckets with these can rotators to lessen dangers and spare clean-up.Utilize your bucket and can blender to mix the substance of shut 1 to 5 gallon buckets or jars(4 to 19 liter buckets or jars.

* Morse 5-Gallon Tumblers blend or disturb little clusters rapidly and monetarily

* Re-homogenize settled elements

* Use as bucket or blender to mix fluid or dry materials

* Tumble buckets of parts with media to deburr or shine them