Gas ball valve
1 1/4" - 4" | 905 series Morsello Inox srl

Morsello Inox manufactures a wide range of 2-ways ball valves, for stainless steel and/or fiberglass tanks, oak barrels and cement tanks with the most widespread ends commonly used in the wine-making and food processing industry: Garolla, flange, gas and oenological threaded, DIN, etc.

On demand and for certain lots to be agreed, we can also modify our products introducing different features not provided in the catalogue such as out of standard threads and/or specific ports to flush or drain the valve.

Our valves can be disassembled to ensure the replacement of seal rings or worn parts. Morsello Inox's valves can be manually controlled by a 180° flow-oriented opening spindle. They are all (from 3/8 in. up to 4" in.) manufactured with solid balls obtained by ingot, but they are also available with hollow balls (obtained by TIG welded pipes) in the dimensions from DN 2 in. ½ to DN 4 in. Both solid and hollow balls present a full bore following the dimensions specified in the size table below. Maximum allowable operating pressure for all the valves is from 0 to 10 atm. They are hand-polished.


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