Hot air dryer / for plastic pellets
max. 100 m³/h, max. 130°C | LUXOR HD 30 - 150 motan-colortronic gmbh


  • Drying method:

    hot air

  • Application:

    for plastic pellets


Dryers can be fitted directly in the opening of the processing machine and all the models in this range are appointed with precise and quick temperature control combined with a safety overheat thermostat to protect against material overheating. Adding to this, the pivoted lid on each drying bin provides easy access and is equipped with a flange for installing a motan hopper loader for automatic transporting of material. Furthermore, the utilization of corrosion proof materials such as stainless steel and aluminum guarantee a long service life and prevent contamination of the plastic granules.

The specifications of this dryer include 130 degrees maximum operating temperature, 25 m³/h / 50 m³/h / 100 m³/h air volume, 30l/60l/150l drying bin volume, 1/N/PE 230 V, 50/60 Hz / 3/N/PE 400 V, 50/60 Hz (150l) power supply, 1.5kW (30l) / 1.8kW (60l) / 4.3 kW (150l) connected load and 27kg (30l) / 39kg (60l) / 62kg (150l) approximate weight.


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