Mixer-dispenser for granulates (gravimetric dispenser)
0,04 - 48 kg/h | MINICOLOR G motan-colortronic gmbh

Compact gravimetric dosing and mixing unit for one main component and one masterbatch or additive in granular form suitable for injection moulding machines, extruders and blow moulding machines.

With the GRAVInet MC control up to two dosing heads can be operated.
The unit is based on the well tried MINICOLOR concept with gravity mixing funnel guaranteeing a homogeneous material mix and eliminating separation. The dosing head for masterbatch or additive sits on a robust but extremely precise load-cell and operates using loss-in-weight metering technology. This offers operational security for high level requirements.

MINICOLOR G A enables easy addition of regrind. Due to automatic calibration, the commissioning time is extremely short. The MINICOLOR G is insensitive to vibrations and is specially designed for mounting directly onto the feed throat of the processing machine


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